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Signs your Exhaust System Needs Repairs or Replacing

Your exhaust system is vital in maintaining fuel efficiency and gas mileage. A well-functioning exhaust and muffler means a quieter car, less pollution, and a smooth ride with less fuel usage.  Over time all exhaust systems will start to corrode, but this varies based on how you use your car, rather than how long your exhaust and muffler system has been installed.

If you live in the city you will find your exhaust and muffler will not last as long as in a rural area.  This is because short trips with a lot of stopping and starting wears down your exhaust much faster than long drives that have less braking and more consistent speeds.

Your vehicle will give you a lot of warning that your exhaust is experiencing problems, and it is important to take notice of these early warning signs before any serious damage forms. Not only will you save money by getting your exhaust system repaired or replaced early, you will also avoid the risk of asphyxiation that can result from a leaking exhaust.

Most of the warning signs that your exhaust system is corroding involve strange sounds that occur when starting your car and while driving. These include:

  • A hissing sound which usually indicates a crack in the exhaust pipe or a leaking gasket.
  • A ‘chugging’ sound when starting your car or changing speed often means there is a blockage somewhere in your exhaust system.
  • A rattling or noisy vibration in your engine often means that your exhaust system is misaligned and is touching other components of your engine.
  • An increase in the noise your car makes while accelerating usually indicates a damaged muffler, but can also be a sign that your exhaust pipe is corroding.

Basically, any new sound coming from your vehicle is a bad sign and should be investigated by a mechanic as soon as possible, as these sounds always point to issues that will get worse over time.

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